Property Market Review December 2017

Anecdotal ‘London Office Crane Survey’ barometer released.

Established some twenty years ago, the ‘London Office Crane Survey’ is a closely watched indicator of current and future construction activity in central London. Not only does it reflect the amount of new construction activity in the capital, but it is a key indicator as to the state of London’s overall economic health.

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Economic Review December 2017

Inflation hits highest level in almost six years.

The rate of inflation in the UK has risen to its highest level in nearly six years, although the consensus amongst economists is that it may now be reaching a peak.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that the Consumer Prices Index 12-month rate – which compares prices in the current month with the same month a year earlier – rose to 3.1% in November 2017. This was up from 3.0% in October and the highest level since March 2012.

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Residential Property Review December 2017

Buy-to-Let landlords continue to feel the pinch

In their latest ‘UK Cross Sector Outlook’, Savills Research have noted that following the summer budget of 2015, the government’s alterations to Buy-to-Let (BTL) regulations and taxation, have seriously dented the enthusiasm of many potential landlords. Savills report that UK Finance have calculated that the number of BTL mortgages granted in the year to August 2017 was 75,300. This represents a fall of 47% from the year to March 2016. Furthermore, the actual growth in the number of outstanding BTL mortgages is lower still – now standing at 24,800 – which suggests that landlords are divesting in this sector.

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