The Wrap

We currently hold agencies with several Wrap, or Platform, providers. These companies provide the technology platform which allows us to store your relevant personal details, and as the data is available online, it is held in accordance with the highest internet security standards, akin to online banking. We regularly review the available Wrap providers, all of whom have differing features and charging structures.

The Wrap not only allows consolidation of your existing portfolios, but it offers both you and us greater flexibility and control over your investments, a transparent charging structure (with the ability to switch funds free of charge), automatic portfolio re-balancing, on-going investment advice, together with formal portfolio valuations and reports at a frequency of your choosing. We also use a modelling tool which allows us to produce a recommended asset allocation for your overall portfolio.

Ongoing Service for Investment Clients

We can offer you two levels of ongoing service designed to provide periodic reviews to ensure that recommended products remain relevant to your circumstances.

Platinum Service:

This is our top level of wealth management service, which includes:

  • Immediate on-line access to your portfolio (where available)
  • Quarterly investment reports and recommendations
  • Quarterly statements of your investments
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Annual review meeting
  • Prompt response to ad-hoc ‘phone / email enquiries

Gold Service:

  • Immediate on-line access to your portfolio (where available)
  • Desktop review of your Providers’ annual statements
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Prompt response to ad-hoc ‘phone / email enquiries
  • Annual review meetings are available for an additional fee.

Charges for ongoing service

Our charges relating to ongoing services are as follows:

  • Platinum Service – 1% per annum (subject to a minimum fee of £750 p.a.)
  • Gold Service – 0.75% per annum (subject to a minimum fee of £750 p.a.)


Clients who already have access, please log in here: BPI Wrap Platform.

If you are a Wrap Client and wish to register for on-line access, please call us on 01494 442700 or email: and we will set this up for you.