Financial Advice for Businesses & Business Owners

We are very familiar with the financial needs of small to medium sized enterprises. Whether you are looking to purchase your premises in the most cost efficient manner, protecting the business against the negative financial consequences of losing a key person, or providing valuable benefits for your employees without having to meet ever increasing costs, Business & Personal Investment Ltd., can help you to achieve your financial aims.

During more than 35 years in the financial services industry we have worked with businesses of many different types, as a result of which we are highly experienced in identifying and solving our clients’ financial needs. Once we have taken the time to fully understand your business and the way you prefer to operate we can show you how to manage the financial challenges you face and to ensure that unforeseen events do not adversely affect your profitability. We also have considerable expertise in assisting in the implementation of employee benefit strategies as a means of recruiting and retaining top quality staff.

October 2012 saw the implementation of the Government’s auto-enrolment scheme. We can help you to review your existing pension schemes to ensure they remain compliant with auto-enrolment rules and we will work with you throughout the process. We are well placed to advise business owners and SMEs of the options open to them, and to both recommend and implement a course of action.

“Thank you very much for yesterday, I have spoken to a couple of the guys who were very happy with the talk and advice offered by BPI. Let’s definitely keep this up because it helps with focusing the guys’ minds about their retirement”.
(K.F., London, on behalf of his Company and employees, December 2017).